Tears, Tyranny and Realization

Hello worms,

Recently I decided to take a trip to the local library. I wanted to just borrow a book because in all honestly, I don’t have much room to keep stacking piles of books.

Anyway, I wondered around and stumbled upon the “new releases” section and immediately my eyes wondered to “We Crossed a Bridge and it Trembled,” by Wendy Pearlman.

The book basically covers and translates individual stories of Syrians and their struggles throughout war and leadership. I’ve always found myself nose deep in fictional worlds full of wizards, middle earth and romance for so many years, so this book was something new for me.

Living in the 21st century as I do, its difficult for someone not to know of Syria and all the negativity it carries with its name.

I’ve learned and listened to stories of the turmoil Syrians face and continue to face but mostly my emphasis has been these past few years I’ve been in college. Professor after professor talked to my classmates and I about what it was to be a journalist and how people like me were dying everyday because they searched for the truth.

The truth is, many of the stories in this book talked of Syrians and how they were denied the option of telling the truth. Bribery and threat were apart of their daily lives, so much so that it became a normality to lie about who or what their families believed in and hushed mouths were more respected than saying anything at all.

I wanted to write this post mostly for me to talk myself through the sadness and respect it for what it was, the truth. The truth is not everyone has the freedoms that I do and the more I realize that, the better off I’ll be and the more heart I’ll feel for those that need it.

Syrians don’t need my sorrow or sympathy, they need my support to end the war they fight everyday.

If you want a good cry — go pick the book up but don’t go crying for Syria, cry for change because thats what they need. Cry for the truth because thats what we all need. Cry for knowledge and understanding because thank god we have something to look forward to.

-Thanks for reading,




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