It takes work and it takes two

Hello worms,

It’s a good day to talk about love.

That four letter word that petrifies nearly everyone who knows its meaning. It’s the word some want to hear, some need to hear and some wish to bury amongst the ancient ruins that will one day resemble that of Pompeii.

I am no archeologist or history buff, I saw that on a documentary that aired on PBS several years ago while I ate a less-than-appetizing ham sandwich that resembled something straight out of an episode of The Office.

Back to the point.


Every time I think of love I’m swept away into the memories I’ve read in a book, Pride and Prejudice. For the love of someone who didn’t expect they deserved it.

The title of my blog is based on a book by Mr. Raymond Carver. It’s all about what love is and what we mean when we talk about it.

Did I say that right? No.

But you get the point.

Let me make one thing clear – reading books about love does NOT  make you an expert on the subject. I would label myself as novice in the world of love.

I always thought that my loving someone would look like something I imagined while I read a book. Truth me told its more than that. It’s much more than that.

My imagination thought about wedding cakes and sparkling dresses instead of honesty, persistence and dedication.

I have some kind of wild imagination but loving people isn’t all hearts and flowers like we see and read.

Love is work. It’s work no matter who it is you’re loving. You could be loving your best friend and it’s work.

You have to decide for yourself that love is a commitment. Truth be told I don’t think I’ve ever been great at loving people but it’s something I decided long ago that I needed to work on.

Love to me looks like communication.

Love to me looks like understanding.

Most importantly, love to me looks like the people I’ve surrounded myself with.

So no matter how romantic those stories seem or make you feel. Remeber that like all good things:

love takes work.


Thanks for reading,