It Is Because I Am Strange 

Mediocrity is defined by Meriam Webster as, “the quality of being mediocre.” Meaning, the quality of being “not very good.” 

Some time ago a friend, who is no longer a friend, told me he saw my life panning out as somewhat average. 

To this day I’m still not sure what to think of that comment. 




All of these words mean something somewhat different but to me, they are familiar. Same.

Once I read a book that said “I am a collection of oddities.” 

I felt like that was me, until the not-so-friendly-friend told me otherwise but I’ve come to a conclusion. 

Yes, I am mediocre but in a world where everyone is trying to be unique, maybe this is my way of standing out. 

“Hey look, there’s that average girl, doing her average things and lovin’ every minute of it.”

Hell yeah. 

That’s me, the average girl, she’s a little odd but look at her go. 
Thanks for reading, 



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