The Key to Knowing Kept Man

Hello bloggers,

A few days ago I started a new book that I found in an obscure location inside the stacks of a thrift store. With an interesting title, “The Kept Man” by Jami Attenberg drew me in and I splurged my dollar on a book that I probably didn’t need.

All that explanation aside, I was surprised to find a perplexing opening sentence that has my head reeling.

It read as follows:

“I have been waiting for my husband to die for six years.”

As soon as I read it, I stopped, sat the book down and stared into space for quite some time.

I thought people spent their time always cautious to remember that today could be the last time they hear “I Love You” and today could be the last day to hold her hand or kiss her/him because I am one of those people. I have never thought the opposite.

I have heard, usually older people, say the all too common, “well atleast he/she isn’t in pain anymore.”

I never found those words comforting, in fact they almost stung when it was my granddad’s funeral and whether or not I believed that, it didn’t make the soap taste any sweeter.

I have continued to read the book and I hope to fill you in along the way. The feeling of curiosity has overwhelmed me and as a girl who is all about understanding the misunderstood, I am excited to have stumbled across this gem.

Mind you, I am also the type of girl who can love a book as soon as I begin to read it and hate it by the last page. Thats just me.

Let me know your thoughts,

— Casey