What hath night to do with sleep?

Hello bloggers,

Tonight, while I know I have about one hundred different things to do, I am avoid all of those to read, relax and eat my weight in my homemade double chocolate cake.

Do you blame me?

I’ll hate myself tomorrow for wasting this time but for now I am left with Shakespeare in my hands and a quote by a man whose ideals have greatly influenced my education as a journalist and continue to do so.

“What hath night to do with sleep?” -John Milton

I lie awake, on a not-so-late night and think about this quote endlessly.

I think he meant the night was meant for dreaming, self-discovery: by that I mean think about every life mistake you’ve ever made and rest, not just sleep.

For we can sleep but never really rest.

I would keep going but to be honest I think I’m in need of some of that rest myself.

-Thanks for reading,



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