The Battle of New Technology for Traditionalists and Millennials

Hello bloggers,

I think it’s important for me to touch base on something that a lot of people – particularly people who don’t read or that seems to be what happens in my case – always love to have an opinion on. The battle began on whether or not readers preferred the Kindle, Nook or any other electronic reading device over the physical copy of a book.

First, let me make clear that I have a Kindle and I love that little guy almost as much as I love my morning coffee. So maybe this makes me biased toward what side I am going to choose. However, you should know, I love real books too. 

I love sitting down with an old book, it’s the smell I love, the smell of an old book being cracked open and ready for an adventure. As you might be able to tell, I get a little emotional and even whimsical when I talk about books. I want everyone to love books again and that means I don’t care what format you choose to read on, just make sure that you are reading.

We grow by knowledge, I’m a firm believer in education and we know ourselves better than anyone else, so in my opinion, we are always best off by teaching ourselves. (Not that I don’t love my professors because I really do.)

You could read a book about zombies, sailing, painting, dogs, hell you could read a book about peaches for all I care, if you’re enjoying yourself that is what matters. As a writer, I choose to read because it makes me a better writer. I love words, syntax is part of my soul and this is what gets me through the day. I know I have the opportunity to grow without the help of anyone else. That last sentence branched directly off my tendency to be a self learner. Maybe that isn’t for everyone but what should be for everyone is bettering themselves. Growing. Learning. Because you can’t grow without learning and you can’t learn without growing.

So, back to the basic argument, it doesn’t matter what you’re reading or what you’re reading on, just read baby. Just read.

Thanks for reading,



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