Me before you said the old man in the shoe

Hello Bloggers,

Recently I started reading “Me Before You” a popular YA novel that is soon to be a movie.

I’m a sucker for a good romance book and this one especially.

I won’t give it all away but I could maybe sum up what I think might happen in the book.

So far a lovely young woman who seems to be full of life, Louisa Clark, takes a job as a caretaker to the once very adventurous, Will Traynor who is now wheelchair bound.

So this is what I think will happen:

They will fall in love, he starts to feel like he may be able to move again or atleast part of his body and them he unexpectedly dies.

If you didn’t know, I’m also a sucker for realistic endings. I’ll continue to read and let you all know what I find in my venture.

Until next time ladies and gents,

Stay tuned,

-Casey, lover of lit.


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