Food for thought: from a 20 something heartbroken book reader

Hello bloggers,

“Knowledge is my companion, it is with me wherever I go. My heart is its container, not the bookshelf.”

–Ali Ra

Teach me.

 I am choosing not to review what I am reading right now because if the truth be told, I lack a sense of wanting for literature and surely that won’t encourage anyone to read, and that is after all my intention.


Stress, I am a body of water, stress and sass. Mostly uninspired.

I started my college career in 2013 with a thirst for knowledge and books. OH the books; I wanted the books to teach me. As I still do.

But life is punching me in the face. Every day.

Maybe this isn’t what everyone was looking to read today… Maybe this isn’t what anyone wanted to read at all. Bear with me.

I thought college was suppose to inspire me to learn not drain the life out of me and if life is meant to live than why does it sometimes feel like dying?

I need a reason to keep going but I’m not giving up, in fact I will keep reading until I find it.

This weeks read is “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding


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