Buffalo Lockjaw

Hello bloggers,

This could be perhaps the strangest blog post you will read by me, I’m not making any promises but as a reader, I think I should say something very important.

I love words.

My favorite words come from both great writers who have been recognized with a Pulitzer prize and those who I think deserved one but then I remember if you awarded everyone, it would hardly be a reward, would it?

I’ve been reading a book I picked up in the clearance section of Half-Price Books, in short, it cost me all of one dollar.

Buffalo Lockjaw

The first thing that came to my mind… What?

I quickly learned it was about a man struggling to make something of his future while an ailing family back home causes concern for a different kind of future.

However, this book did include a small insignificant quote that I must share.

“Alone in a swirl of sentences…”

If I had a thought about this sentence it would be this: I don’t think the author was trying to be prolific or impressive, he was just describing every reading experience I have ever had.

I love the simplicity of it.

We are alone in the world, left to figure it all out for ourselves. That sentence described the whole damn book.

Please ponder, wonder and explore those sentences, no matter how insignificant.

-Your girl, lover of lit



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